Corporate Social Responsibility

We strive to be an asset in the community we serve by displaying integrity, loyalty, respect, and transparency in our business operations.


Our corporate social responsibility holds us accountable for our actions within the local community and beyond.

We support the development of our employees, the health of our environment, the importance of education, and the necessity of cultural activities.

Our social mission seeks to meet human needs and support human rights by:

  • integrating these concerns into our daily business activities
  • showing a deep respect for human beings inside and outside the company, and for the community in which they reside

This mission statement represents the Bank's deep conviction and concern with the social and environmental impacts of its investments, loans and business operations. Among all the facets of social responsibility, First National Bank regards education as the most prominent endeavor because of its blessed short and long term implications on the life of concerned individuals and families.

Inspired by this belief, and in collaboration with Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP), the Bank started this year the "FNB Scholarship Program" which grants higher education scholarships to selected brilliant students who come from deprived families. ULYP is a local NGO established in 2010 that caters its programs and services to the underprivileged youth and focuses on empowerment, education and dialogue. Within ULPY's program, the BRIDGE program caters to preparing the marginalized youth from different backgrounds and nationalities for higher education by providing SAT prep courses along with the college counseling. BRIDGE also incorporates a section on soliciting scholarships for its Palestinian students as they remain the least serviced in University education. FNB partners with ULYP on this track of their BRIDGE program and is looking to grow with ULYP to prepare the youth with the greatest potential for academic success and developing a generation of youth that are self-empowered advocates and agents of social and economic change within their communities.

This year the Bank is fully covering four scholarships as follows:

  1. Ms. Alaa El-Saadi / Business Administration / AUB
  2. Ms. Hayat Akila / Business Administration / AUB
  3. Ms. Rawan Itani / Business Administration / AUB
  4. Ms. Alaa Maarouf / Mathematics / LAU

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela