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Apply for the E-Shop Internet Card with FNB Lebanon.


E-shop Internet Card

Simply E-ffective for only US$ 24, renewable after 3 years

  • E for Everything
    Shopping has always been a pleasure, and with technology, its possibilities are now endless.
    Today, E-shopping has become the most practical method to discover and purchase any product or service you desire.
  • E for Elaborated
    E-shop, the Internet Card, issued by FNB S.A.L. is designed to guarantee you the highest level of security to shop online easily and conveniently.
    This tightly secured card, which is exclusively for use on the internet, promises you peaceful browsing and ensures you safe shopping​.
  • E for Easy
    The steps to get the E-shop card or to reload it are:​
    • Get the Card:
      • Fill the application form and deliver it to any FNB branch
      • Deposit the card fees and any amount into the relative E-shop account
    • Reload the Card:
      • Visit any FNB branch
      • Show your E-shop Card
      • Deposit the desired amount in the relative account
  • Cards Features
    • Subscription Fees: US$ 24  paid once, and valid for 3 years
    • Free SMS notifications enabling you to track your transactions
    • Expiry Date: 3 years from the date of issuance

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