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Personal Loans in Lebanon with FNB.


Whether you’re renovating your house, buying your home furniture, planning your wedding or the trip of your dreams, FNB offers you a flexible and suitable solution to fulfill all your desires at competitive terms and conditions.

  • Loan Features:
    • Maximum Loan Amount: up to US$ 150,000, or equivalent in LBP. Amounts above US$ 150,000 are reviewed on case by case basis
    • Maximum Repayment Period: 5 years for Private Sector and 7 years for Public Sector
    • Debit Interest Rate (compounded): 13% on US$ for Private Sector and Public Sector and 18%​​ on LBP for Private Sector and Public Sector
    • File Fees: US$ 100 or LBP 150,000 for Private Sector and LBP​​ 75,000 for Public Sector
    • Quarterly Commission: 2 for Private Sector and none for Public Sector
    • APR (Annual Percentage Rate): 16.00% for loans in LBP (loan amount LBP 30,000,000 over a period of 5 years) and 12.69% for loans in US$ (loan amount of US$ 30,000 over a period of 4 years)
    • Life Insurance: to cover loan amount depending on the age of the borrower
    • The 5 insurance companies we deal with are:
      • UCA
      • Fidelity
      • Libano-Suisse
      • Allianz SNA
      • UFA
    • Guarantee:
      • Salary domiciliation
      • Standing instructions
      • Personal guarantee
      • Cash collateral
      • Real estate mortgage
  • Required Documents
    • Copy of National ID or valid passport
    • Proof of residence (mayor certificate , electricity, or landline telephone bills)

    • For Employees:
    • ​Authenticated proof of income

    For Self-Employed:
    • In house balance sheet, or client and supplier invoices
    • Statement of account for at least 6 months
    • Tax declaration (if applicable)
    • Commercial circular (if applicable)
  • Eligibility Criteria
    •  Be a Leba​nese National c​itizen
    •  Applicant must be under 64 years old at the end of the loan period
    • ​ Have a minimum of one year of working experience in the same field
    •  Monthly payment not to exceed 33% of the basic salary for the Private Sector and 35% for the Public Sector

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