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FNB Bank Insurance Programs Lebanon.

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Does your child dream of becoming an astronaut? A doctor, perhaps? A ballet Dancer? With Dirasati plan, you can help your children make their dreams come true and secure their future. Read More
Have you been thinking about planning ahead? If you want to finally take that vacation to a tropical paradise or just enjoy the tranquility of your golden years, then Hassadi plan is for you. Read More
What could be more reassuring than to know that your loved ones will always be in competent hands? It is essential for everyone to know that there is always someone there to trust. Read More
Do you want to avoid financial loss in the event of hospitalization? “Himayati” Plan allows you to receive a daily indemnity during your stay at the hospital. Read More
Do you worry about the future with its possible unpleasant circumstances? Rahati plan guarantees your tranquility and the security of your loved ones. Read More
Did you ever wish that you could pack your bags and board the plane with no worries? Whether your flight is for leisure or business, SAFRATI plan offers you a full insurance package that covers any unexpected travel risks. Read More
How much time do you spend in your car every day? Every week? Every month? Your car insurance is a must because of the high-risk level of bodily harm and material damage. Tariki plan gives you peace of mind. Just enjoy the ride. Read More
Can you imagine the consequences of the loss or theft of your payment means, ID documents, keys or mobile phone? Wassilati protects you under such circumstances. Read More
Our Cargo Insurance Plan, in collaboration with Allianz SNA s.a.l., offers you a full insurance package that covers your transported goods. Read More