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Tariki Car Insurance with FNB Lebanon.


Tariki – Car Insurance Plan

​​​​How much time do you spend in your car every day? Every week? Every month?
Your car insurance is a must because of the high-risk level of bodily harm and material damage. Tariki plan, in collaboration with Allianz SNA s.a.l, gives you peace of mind. Just enjoy the ride.
  • The Insurance Covers
    The different coverage packages are:
    • Option 1: Compulsory bodily injury only: LBP 750,000,000
    • Option 2: Compulsory bodily injury: LBP 750,000,000  + Material damage: US$ 1,000,000 , agreed on in two different contracts
    • Option 3: Material damage only: US$ 1,000,000 
    • Option 4: Material damage: US$ 1,000,000 +Additional bodily injury: US$ 1,000,000
  • Extra coverage
    The family members passengers coverage (up to 7 passengers):
    • US$ 5000  in case of death or total permanent disability of any passenger
    • US$ 2500 in case of permanent partial disability
    • An indemnity up to US$ 2000 per passenger as medical expenses
  • Particularities and advantages of the plan
    • Monthly payment automatically withdrawn from your bank account with no extra charge
    • A free 24/24 road assistance service
    • The contract is issued on the spot and is automatically renewed
  • Conditions
    • You should be a client at First National Bank s.a.l.
    • Your age should be between 21 and 69 years old
    • The vehicle shouldn’t be over 20 years old
    Premium90,000 LBP/year90,000 LBP/year + US$ 6/monthUS$ 8/monthUS$ 10/month​

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