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Hayati Life Insurance with FNB Lebanon.


Hayati – Term Life Insurance Plan

What could be more reassuring than to know that your loved ones will always be in competent hands?
It is essential for everyone to know that there is always someone there to trust. That’s the comfort that Hayati plan, in collaboration with Allianz SNA s.a.l., guarantees - serenity!
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  • The Insurance Covers
    The sum insured is paid to the beneficiaries in case of natural or accidental death of the insured person
  • Particularities and advantages of the plan
    • Monthly payments will be automatically withdrawn from you​r bank account with no extra charge
    • You can choose the period of the contract, going from 1 year to 5 years with the possibility to choose the 5 years guaranteed renewability option
    • The contract is issued on the spot and is automatically renewed (if the sum insured is less than US$ 40,000 and you are less than 56 years old)
  • Conditions
    • You should be a client at First National Bank s.a.l.
    • Your age should be between 20 and 64 years old
  • Premiums
    The monthly premium is assessed depending on the age, on the sum insured and on the contract period
  • Illustrative table (in USD)
    Sum Insured$ 20,000$30,000$30,000
    Contract period (yrs)
    Age of insured
    25   5556.56.56.5
    30   5556.56.56.5
    35   5556.56.56.5

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