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Dirasati Education Plan with FNB Lebanon.


Dirasati – Education Plan

Does your child dream of becoming an astronaut? A doctor, perhaps? A ballet Dancer?
In collaboration with Alliance SNA s.a.l. Dirasati saving plan ensures the required annuities to pay the university tuitions. With Dirasati plan, you can help your children make their dreams come true and secure their future.
  • The Insurance Covers
    • The case of natural or accidental death or total permanent disability (optional), the tuitions agreed upon are paid once the child reaches the pre-defined university age
    • The pre-defined schooling fees are paid in case of natural or accidental death or total permanent disability (optional)
  • Particularities and advantages of the plan
    • ​The possibility to save the required university tuitions through monthly payments automatically withdrawn from your bank account with no extra charge
    • The option to protect the investment amounts from inflation with an increasing variation rate of 1 % to 10%
    • Profit from extra return on investment according to the dividends rate declared every year by Allianz SNA s.a.l.
  • Conditions
    • You should be a client at First National Bank s.a.l.
    • Your age  should be between 18 and 57 years old
    • Monthly Premium starting as of US$ 50
    • The plan is subject to the deduction of a referral fee in favor of First National Bank s.a.l. 
  • Illustrative Table
    Figures are based on a monthly premium of US$ 50 with an annual variation rate of 3%

    Age of InsuredAge of ChildTotal Paid Premiums USDUniversity Tuition when child reaches 18** (USD)
    3.5% minimum guaranteed annual return on Investment*7% annual return on Investment

    * In case of any increase or decrease of the minimum guaranteed rate, it shall only affect allocations generated from future premiums paid after the date of such change. Therefore the above investment amounts might change accordingly.
    ** The University Tuition can be either paid as a lump sum, or spread over annuities starting from the age of 18 which increases its total value. ​​​​

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