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Ministry Of Finance Tax Payment

Don’t waste your valuable time, pay your Ministry Of Finance Tax via FNB E-Banking!​
​ This new service is very secure, flexible and included within all FNB online banking features (Account hold inquiry, credit card settlement, internal account transfer, loans inquiry…)
This service will be available online 24/7.
All you have to do is to follow the steps below:
  • Enter your Login ID and password in order to Log in effectively to the E-Banking Page
  • Click on “E-transfers & Payment”
  • Choose “MOF Tax Payment features”
  • Select the account, the Government Entity and the administration/Directorate (Income Tax) posted on the screen
  • Enter your payment ID and the Tax Amount in LBP
  • Click “Submit”
  • Request a transactional password, a new password will be sent to your mobile phone
  • Enter the password
  • Click on “Submit”
To benefit from this service

​ Visit your nearest branch, subscribe to the free of charge E-Banking service and benefit from all our online banking features.

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