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Salary Domiciliation with FNB Lebanon.


Salary Domiciliation

Convenient and Secure, FNB strives to facilitate and satisfy the needs of your organization. Well-established companies can benefit from our salary domiciliation service which ensures the secure and timely deposit of employees’ salaries directly into their accounts.
  • Features
    • Salaries can be paid by direct transfer into each employee's account at FNB
    • No minimum salary or minimum balance required
    • Currency: LBP or USD
    • Special offers for employees
  • Benefits
    • Direct electronic funds transfers save you time and effort
    • No more need to handle large sums of cash or checks, therefore involving less risk
    • Employees enjoy preferential terms and rates that best suit their needs
  • Requirements
    • The company simply has to open an account with First National Bank and provide a list of employees' names and salaries by email
    • The employee must submit a signed application form

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