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FNB Solar System Loan in Lebanon.

Solar System Loan

Do you wish to bring the sun light into your home while protecting the environment and saving money?

FNB Solar System Loan subsidized by the Central Bank of Lebanon (CBL), provides you with the ideal loan at a competitive interest rate while saving energy and reducing your electricity bill.

  • Loan Features
    • Currency : USD
    • Maximum Loan Amount : USD 20,000
    • Repayment Period : between 6 months and 5 years
    • Interest Rate​: 5.5% مؤشر معدل فوائد التوظيفات لدى مصرف لبنان ناقص (currently 1%)
    • APR (Annual Percentage Rate): 1.26% including life insurance
    • Guarantee : Life insurance in favor of the B​ank (other guarantees may be required on a case-by- case basis)
    • Grace Period: none
    • Down Payment: US$ 0 
    • File Fees: US$ 0 
    • Commission: 0.4% of the net loan amount (BDL commission)
    • ​The 5 insurance companies we deal with are:
      • Amana
      • Fidelity
      • Libano-Suisse
      • Allianz SNA
      • UFA
  • Required documents
    • Copy of National ID or valid passport
    • Proof of residence (Mayor certificate, electricity,or landline telephone bill)

    • For employees:
      • Authenticated Proof of Income

      For self-employed:
      • In house balance sheet, or client and supplier invoices
      • Statement of account for the last 6 months
      • Tax declaration (if applicable)
      • Commercial circular (if applicable)
  • Eligibility Criteria
    The applicant should:
    • Be a Lebanese National Citizen
    • Aged between 24 and 64 by the end of the loan period
    • Have a stable income, employed or self-employed
    • Have a minimum salary of US$ 1,000
    • Have a monthly payment not to exceed 33% of the monthly income for employee and self-employed 
  • Loan Additional Advantages
    A US$ 200* subsidy will be offered by the Ministry of Energy and Water, if the solar heater is approved by the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (L.C.E.C.)

    *Subject to L.C.E.C. approval
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