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Apply for a debit card with FNB Lebanon.

Debit Card

Are you looking for one Card to conduct your various banking transactions conveniently and securely?
With FNB’s MCU Debit Card, you can withdraw cash, conduct a variety of banking transactions, and pay at any Point-of-Sale location with the convenience of just one Card.

  • Card Features:
    • Card Fee for 3 years: US$ 30
    • Monthly Fee: LBP 150,000
    • Pin Reissue Fee: US$ 7
    • Card Features for Military Forces:
      • Card Fee for 3 years: Free
      • Monthly Fee: LBP 300,000
      • Pin Reissue Fee: US$ 7
  • Card Benefits:
    • Withdraw cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at any ATM displaying the MasterCard logo in Lebanon or abroad
    • Purchase from Point of Sale locations using your Card in more than 22 million outlets displaying the MasterCard Logo in Lebanon and abroad
    • Access your money with the MCU Debit Card which is automatically linked to your FNB account(s)
    • Link your Debit Card to multiple current accounts
    • Track your spending through individual receipts that you receive with each transaction made on your Card. Keep these receipts in your records to check against your monthly account statement where all your transactions will be listed
    • Undertake a variety of banking transactions at FNB ATMs:
      • Balance inquiry for all linked accounts
      • Mini Statement for all linked accounts
      • Alfa active and MTC Touch Mobile lines recharge
      • SMS notifications to your mobile phone to help you manage your Card activities
  • Requirements

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