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Events Calendar

Job Fairs

FNB is continuously looking for qualified and competent candidates to join its team.
To achieve this goal, FNB’s Marketing Department, in collaboration with the Human Resources Department, participated in various job fairs, including the AUL Job Fair, USEK Job Fair, AUST Job Fair and NDU Job Fairs, through which members of the younger generation gain access to a vast spectrum of jobs and career opportunities in Lebanon.

FNB values youth in the workforce and strongly believes that investing in them go hand in hand. Job seekers benefit from FNB’s direct contact recruitment approach that focuses on real encounters between recruiters and candidates. FNB provides the successful applicants with the training, skills development and support they need to develop a rewarding career and increase their effectiveness in Lebanon’s banking industry.

It is the mission of FNB to help youth in Lebanon reach their true potential and lead them toward success.

“Learn new skills. Grow your potential. Achieve your goals. Grab your opportunity. Advance your career.”