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Mobile Banking Services with FNB Lebanon.

Ways to Bank


​​Banking with First National Bank has never been easier. Now with the FNB Mobile Banking application you can manage your accounts anytime and anywhere with complete ease and security.

  • Main Features:
    • Acess and Manage multiple accounts and transactions
    • Dashboard and chart view
    • View your credit, debit and internet card details/transactions and settle your credit payments
    • Check your account holds, term deals, loans and uncleared checks
    • Receive notifications and alerts for new updates
    • Make same or cross-currency transfers
    • Settle your Ministry of Finance taxes online
    • Instantly cancel a debit card, order a checkbook and request an account statement
    • Locate FNB's nearest branch, ATM and smart ATM
    • Browse and apply for FNB "Products" including accounts, retail loans, credit cards, debit cards, internet cards, bancassurance, SMS banking, salary domiciliation, Alfa & Touch recharge, safe deposit box, bill domiciliation, Western Union, Internet banking, POS service, annual mechanic fees, Ministry of Finance taxes and loyalty rewards program
    • Use the rate and converter tools to make your calculations easier
    • Manage your mobile banking settings to your preferences