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FNB Lebanon Capital Markets.

Private Banking

Capital Markets

Equities: Trading equities requires diverse strategies and highly specialized valuation skills. Our experienced team identifies companies with the potential for significant market appreciation, which complements the objectives of your investment strategy, whether conservative, moderate or aggressive.

  • Fixed Income
    For clients looking for a constant and predictable return on their investment and minimal exposure to risk, FNB Capital (previously MECG) offers fixed-income investments. The bond market is ripe with diverse issuers, structures and strategies for investment. Most investors should allocate some of their funds in fixed-income securities. At FNB Capital (previously MECG), we customize investment strategies to accommodate those investors looking to maximizing growth opportunities, securing steady income and diversifying risk.
  • Futures and Spot:
    With FNB Capital (previously MECG), hedgers and speculators have access to all the world’s major markets and derivative instruments which include commodities, indices and options, at highly competitive commissions. We trade in all currencies, including emerging markets and exotic currencies. Under the guidance of your personal FNB Capital (previously MECG) advisor, you can choose between varieties of investment vehicles that can be aligned specifically to your needs. We are dedicated to studying the market in an endeavor to assess opportunities that will improve your portfolio performance, based on your investment objectives, portfolio size and tolerance for risk.