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FNB Lebanon Private Banking.

Private Banking

About Us

FNB Capital (previously Middle East Capital Group MECG) is a leading financial institution specializing in corporate finance and private banking, with a focus in the MENA region. Incorporated in 1996 in Guernsey (Channel Islands), with headquarters in Beirut (Lebanon), FNB Capital (previously MECG) is committed to providing unparalleled advisory services primarily to corporations and high-net-worth individuals.

In September of 2008, First National Bank (FNB) of Lebanon acquired 98.5% of FNB Capital's (previously MECG) outstanding equity, creating a powerhouse of banking heritage and investment skills that has proven to be a continuing success throughout the years. FNB Capital (previously MECG) is regulated by Banque du Liban (No. 19) and is a member of the Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE).

At FNB Capital (previously MECG), we understand that our business depends on always putting the interest of our clients first. Every day is dedicated to ensuring that your investments are on a path towards growth and long-lasting success.

At FNB Capital (perviously MECG), our private banking team develops strategies tailored specifically to your personal investment needs. We take the time to learn more about you and your investment objectives so that you may get the most out of your relationship with us.

Execution is a fundamental part of our trading business at FNB Capital (previously MECG). Our highly efficient team utilizes the most advanced technologies to settle all transactions both timely and accurately. Our trading unit is electronically connected to all the markets we trade with, thus facilitating the execution process.

At FNB Capital (previously MECG), we deal primarily in the Lebanese, GCC, European and US markets, and operate on an “open architecture” platform. Not being restricted to another institution’s products ensures that we always act objectively with our clients’ best interests in mind.

FNB Capital (previously MECG) understands that financial markets are constantly evolving. We communicate closely with our clients to keep them informed of the changing financial landscape and how it affects their investments. With our guidance, we advise clients to invest along the following asset classes.