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The bank was incorporated by a wealthy Lebanese family on October 30, 1991, as a Société Anonyme Libanaise, a joint stock company, under the name "Bank of Commerce SAL". During the first three years, the bank conducted limited activities, until a group headed by Mr. Mohammad Jassem Al Sager and comprised of Kuwaiti, Saudi and Emirati businessmen, as well as industrial and financial investors, and Lebanese professionals, acquired 100% of the bank's share capital. As a result of this change in ownership, the bank started new and diversified banking activities in January 1996.

In 2000, Lebanon Invest SAL acquired 62% of the bank's shares on behalf of a group of investors. Mr. Rami El Nimer subsequently served as Chairman of the bank's Board of Directors until December 2002, when he was appointed General Manager of the bank. During the second half of 2002, the bank acquired the total outstanding share capital of Société Bancaire du Liban (SBL). The merger was completed on December 31, 2002 and contributed assets totaling LBP 119,974 million (USD 79.6 million), representing over 40% of the bank's overall asset growth.

Thereafter, the bank widened its network by completing four acquisitions. In 2007, First National Bank acquired 58.96% of the total shares of capital of Middle East Capital Group Ltd (Guernsey). In 2008, the bank finalized another acquisition and today owns 98.924% of the total shares of FNB Capital (previously MECG). The bank has been reporting consolidated financial statements with FNB Capital (previously MECG) since March 2007.

During the second half of 2009, First National Bank negotiated to acquire FNB Finance (Capital Finance Company s.a.l. CFC) in order to enhance its retail banking services. The deal was closed in early 2010 by acquiring 100% of FNB Finance's (previously CFC) total shares and by the end of 2014, FNB had acquired Corporate Finance House Group (CFH).




We will strive to provide efficient and exceptional service to customers by exercising a prudent risk culture to ensure that our corporate objectives are met, in the interests of our customers, shareholders and staff. ​



We are a financial institution with outstanding values and integrity. Our objective is to provide and satisfy the needs of our local and regional markets, with the intention of becoming a leading international financial institution by positively contributing to the development of the region’s economy. ​ ​


First National Bank S.A.L. (FNB) is among the leading banking institutions operating in Lebanon, classified among the alpha group banks, with a nationwide network of 28 branches and 18 standalone ATM’s covering major areas in Lebanon. The bank’s headquarters is located in the heart of Beirut’s Central District.
Founded in 1994, FNB conducts commercial, retail, finance, and investment banking activities throughout the Middle East by offering a wide range of innovative products and tailor-made banking services.
The acquisition of FNB Capital (previously Middle East Capital Group S.A.L. MECG) in 2008 and Capital Finance Company S.A.L. in 2010 boosted and enhanced the development of the group’s network which created opportunities worldwide and in the MENA region.

FNB currently owns 98.9% of FNB Capital's (previously MECG) shares and 100% of FNB Finance's (CFC) shares. These subsidiaries have enriched the Group’s activities in the marketplace. Additionally, in June 2014 the European Investment Bank and First National Bank signed a partnership agreement whereby EIB will be a holder of Preferred Shares with an option to become Common Shareholders within the coming seven years.
To enhance its accountability, FNB has adopted a code of conduct defining superior professional ethics. One of these changes involved a new corporate governance structure that provides an effective coordination between senior management autonomy and board control. Accordingly, the board has delegated a number of assignments through the creation of committees to increase culpability, transparency and internal controls.
In an effort to improve its services, the bank is in process of developing advanced banking technology with a highly qualified and motivated workforce; FNB's employees are at the disposal of our clients in an endeavor to provide proficient service. In 2014, FNB has launched its call center “1244” available to answer all clients’ queries.
By End of 2014, FNB acquired CFH (Corporate Finance House Group)
CFH Group ("CFH") provides specialist financial advisory services for debt and equity private placements, mergers and acquisitions, debt restructuring, family office advisory, leveraged buy-outs, divestments, IPO's, and real estate finance.


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