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MR. Nimer i​s an experienced banker who has many notable achievements in the banking industry.  He has served as a Director and Chairman for the bank since March 2001. Additionally, Mr. El Nimer... Read More
​Mr. Elias Baz joined FNB in 2006 as an advisor to the Chairman, was appointed Deputy General Manager in 2010 and got promoted to General Manager in 2012. He currently oversees the overall operations... Read More
​Najib Semaan is a seasoned banker with more than 30 years of experience in the banking industry.  He has been appointed General Manager at First National Bank s.a.l. in June 2012. He directly... Read More
​Mr. Ghaithan S. Tayara currently holds the position of deputy general manager​. Prior to joining First National bank, Mr. Tayara was the assistant deputy general manager at Banque Beyrouth pour le... Read More
​Mr. Mahmoud G. Francis currently holds the position of Assistant General Manager. From 2004 to 2011, he was the head of the Branch Management Department after he joined First National Bank as a... Read More
​M. Tony Dabbaghian was appointed Assistant General Manager in January 2011.  Before joining First National Bank, he had 35 years of banking experience.  He held number of positions at... Read More
​Mr. Antoine C. Wakim was appointed Senior Manager in 1997. In addition, he has been the Goup Financial Controller at First National Bank and Middle East Capital Group S.A.L. for over eight years.... Read More
​​​Mr. John Chalouhi currently holds the position of an assistant general manager, he previously held the role of a group chief risk officer. Prior to joining First National Bank, he worked in the... Read More
​​​Mr. Chedid holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from the Beirut Arab University, as well as a professional diploma in accounting and auditing from the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial... Read More