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FNB Lebanon Shareholders.

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Name of Shareholders Nationality Shares in Capital
Mr. Rami R. El Nimer Lebanese 14.58%
Promotion Des Investissements s.a.l. (Holding) Lebanese 12.66%
Three Levant sal (Holding) Lebanese 10.08%
Almuttahida Lil Istithmar (Lebanon) s.a.l. (Holding) Lebanese 7.12%
Roland Elias Haraoui Lebanese 4.85%
Others - 47.71%
Preferred Shares - 3.00%

​​​Mr. Rami R. El Nimer  Is an experienced banker who has many notable achievements in the banking industry.  He has served as a Director and Chairman for the bank since March 2001.... Read More
The corporate governance guidelines, adopted by First National Bank, provide a framework to regulate the relationships between shareholders, supervisors and management. A clear separation... Read More
All the shares of the bank are nominative and kept with the main holders of share, Midclear Company sal evidencing the shares ownership , carrying out the operations of negotiating the shares and... Read More
The company's shares, which constitute the entire capital, shall be subscribed in full and the value of which must be paid in cash, at the Banque Du Liban. Nevertheless and subject to prior consent... Read More
Upon subscription the bank shall receive a receipt from Banque Du Liban in which it appears the name of the subscriber, the number of the subscribed shares and the paid amount.
Subject to the conditions and restrictions stipulated by the laws and regulations and by the present memorandum of association, particularly the Article X thereof, any shareholder may transfer his... Read More
The share confers to its owner:The right to receive the dividends and subject to the provisions of Articles 10 and 13 of this memorandum of association, the right to transfer the share. The... Read More
The FNB capital is 175,000,000,000 L.L. (One hundred seventy five billion Lebanese Pounds) divided into 17,500,000 common shares and 525,000 preferred shares.